I’m just glad I’ll be able to say I’ve been here since the start. “I love you China,” will always be the way to leave a conversation. I’ll understand all of the inside jokes. I’ll always have the winks. I’ll remember the livestreams. All of the selfies. I’m so proud of Troye & I’m so happy I’ve been here to watch him grow. Here’s to the future. Let’s cheers with some hummus. I love you endlessly Troyeboy. Live your dream, nugget ♡




I am not ready for Troye to be mainstream. I am not ready for being groaned at when I say I am his fan. Like Justin Beiber or One Direction. I’m not ready for this. I’m super proud but I can’t help but think this.

I was like, finally someone who gets me. Then I find out it is me!

You put my thoughts into words

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